Dragons(All you want to know about them )

Dragons(All you want to know about them )

Dragon is a fascinating legendary creature since ancient times. We can find dragon stories from many cultures around the world. This creature is considered a fascinating creature, but some people still believe in dragons.

But there have many differentiations between these dragon stories, so the question arises as to whether all these communities are talking about the same dragon. That’s why we are going to talk about dragons today.

European Dragon


european dragon
european dragon

The dragons have mentioned in Greek and Christian legends.

According to linguists, the word ‘dragon’ comes into English in the 13th century. It comes to the French language in Latin (Draconem). It means the big serpent. 

Historical stories depict the European dragon as a fire breathing beast. The European dragon usually described as a large, scales-horned creature like a lizard, and also it has four legs, massive wings, and a long tail.

Ancient European mythology states that the blood of a slain dragon can use as a very useful and dangerous poison. According to German legends, the dragon blood can use to be invisible and also as a shield.

Asian Dragon


chinese dragon
chinese dragon

The European dragon described in historical stories as a beast, but according to the legends of the Asian dragon, it is an intelligent species.

The stories about the dragons around China and Japan are much more pronounced than anywhere else in the world. They think that the dragon represents power and strength.

The assessment of Chinese dragons is huge. BC. In the 16th century, the Shang and Zhou dynasties were highly regarded among the dragons. According to Chinese historian Zhou Chong Fa, the word for the dragon in the Mandarin language is similar to the word thunder.

Chinese people refer to themselves as descendants of the dragon. The dragon in Han is called Lung.

There are various opinions about the image of the dragon. But the most widely accepted view is a combination of nine animals.

He has
  1.  a camel’s head
  2.  demon eyes
  3. a deer horn
  4. a reptile’s neck
  5. a tortoise’s stomach
  6. an eagle’s foot
  7. a tiger’s paw
  8.  a crow’s ears
  9. fish scales 

And also a beard and a pearl just below the forehead. Although rarely seen are Chinese dragons with small wings, he generally depicted without wings.

The form of the creature has gradually evolved throughout history. One of the tombs of the Hong Shan culture, believed to be between 6700 and 4900 years old, has a pig’s head.

According to Chinese literature, the dragon king had nine sons, each with different powers.

  • The Qiuniu – Born by the combination of a cow and a dragon. Master in music.
  • The Yazi – Born by the combination of a dragon and a wolf. More militant. It is Usually carrying a sword.
  • The Chaofeng – Born by the combination of a Goat and a dragon. They love to hike and eat. Their statues are usually made at four corners of buildings.
  • The Pulao – Born by the combination of a dog and a dragon. They can scream louder than other dragons.
  • The Suanni- Born by the combination of a lion and a dragon, usually used in a sealed form. You can see them with statues of Buddha and Bodhisattva in China.
  • The Bixi – Born by the combination of a tortoise and a dragon. Demonstrates strength to carry heavy loads. You can Often see in tombs.
  • The Bi’an – Born by the combination of a Tiger and a Dragon. It represents the ability to investigate cases and solve problems. Their statues can see in the courthouses.
  • The Baxia – Created by a serpent and a dragon. Generally referred to as a water dragon.
  • The Chiwen – Born by a fish and dragon blend. Demonstrates the ability to swallow. Usually, these images are made on either side of the roof of buildings. They believe that the dragons will swallow the invading forces around the building and protect them.

Bhutan is included in its national flag as a dragon. It’s called the Lightning Dragon. They believe in their cultural thinking that Bhutan is a kingdom of dragons.

 SriLankan dragon

Srilankan dragon
Srilankan dragon

Sri Lankans have used dragons for various arts. According to Srilankans, The dragon in Sri Lanka was created with the characteristics of 6 animals.

  • An elephant’s trunk
  • Lion feet
  • Crocodile teeth
  • Monkey eyes
  • Pig ears
  • fish body


Are dragons real?

Many people think that the dragon is not a natural creature, but rather a creature of human origin in religious and folklore. They believe that poisonous snakes may have imagined as fire breathing and crocodiles may have shaped their bodies. They also point out that in the past, mammal fossils, dinosaurs, and whale bones may have been found in the past, and people may have misinterpreted them. Historian David O Jones writes in his book ‘An Instinct for Dragons’ that evolution is one reason for the idea of ​​a dragon.

This means that monkeys are naturally afraid of snakes, carnivores, and tigers. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that people in the past were interested in creating a single organism with all these characteristics.

But what I’m thinking is, we can’t say there have no dragons because of those reasons. Countries like China, they have hall culture with those creatures.

‘There can not be smoke without fire.’

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