How did the universe evolve (big bang vs big bounce)?

How did the universe evolve (big bang vs big bounce)?

What is the universe? universe means everything. it’s every matter, energy, and every space. So how did the universe evolve so far? Two theories for it are big bang and big bounce. There are a lot more theories.

Big bang theory

big bang
big bang

This is the most popular theory. When Mr. Edwin Hubble observed the sky in 1920, he noticed that the stars around us were moving away from us. So the scientist decided that the universe was expanding. The Doppler effect is using in if we Looking back, the universe should have been smaller than this size in the past.

Thus, the scientific calculations suggest that the entire universe may have been a single small point calling as singularity about 13.7 billion years ago. that point was very hot, Highly densitible and it would be smaller than the smallest electron. It may have expanded for some reason, and the universe may have evolved today by its. That this is expanding further. This is what you call the Big Bang Theory. The universe started to expand like this little dot is still unknown.

Big bounce theory

big bounse
big bounce

this is A little more theorized one. This is like an extension of the Big Bang. But these two have some deferents. After the big bang, the universe is posting about three major ways to end the universe: big freeze, big rip, a big crunch.

Big crunch

The big crunch means the universe isn’t expanding continuously. It’s expanding and shrinking again. That the universe will shrink into a single little point again. So then it will create a new universe again.

But in this Big Bounce theory, it is not necessary to be too small. It will be compressed into a certain size to a smooth

wouldn’t be as tiny as the singularity. That’s the difference in big bang vs the big bounce. It’s expanding again and building a new universe.

there could be another universe that may exist before ours. This is a cycle that has no beginning and no end. Like Indian medieval religious philosophers says.

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