Mysterious story of a doll named Robert

Mysterious story of a doll named Robert

As we examine the history, we come across many items that people consider to be mysterious or cursed. The list also includes sporting goods, especially a few ‘dolls.’ Robert, a doll with more than 100 years of history, is at the forefront of it. Made from the lifeblood of a normal child and decorated with real costumes, this doll is one of the most fascinating.

Robert, with black eyes and perforated cheeks, also holds a small dog with big eyes and an extended tongue. Those things make him look weird. This same look can terrify young children. It is widely believed that this doll was cursed by a series of unfortunate incidents that took place in several places.

The Birth of Robert

Birth of robert
Birth of robert

Robert’s doll manufactured in 1904 by Stef, a German company that manufactures ornaments. It belonged to a man named Richard Steff, who began making dolls for young children that year, and Robert became one of the first dolls to do so. However, these dolls are not for sale, but for children to display in their shop.

There have stories about the birth of this doll and as well as the ‘supernatural.’ abilities. According to one story, a Bahamian girl who worked for the Otto family bought the doll and used the magic of ‘Voodoo’ to give the family a vengeance for the hurt they had.

According to another story, the doll was purchased by Robert Otto’s grandfather in Germany and given to him as a gift. However, little Robert was so pleased with this gift that he took it everywhere he went and put on a garment he had used.

Shortly after, Robert Wayne came to view the doll as his own. He called the doll “Robert” and began to “share” what he was getting and “discuss” his problems with it. The Otto family, therefore, acted as if it were some ‘living’ thing to comfort their son.

Little Robert Auto loves his doll so much that he makes room for it in one place in his home. He also set up furniture for the doll and placed toys for him to play. With this, various strange things begin to happen in the auto house. Multiple items in the house started to “move” once and for all, for no apparent reason, and Robert Otto said that these were Robert’s dolls.

Initially, the Otto family considered the above events to be mere coincidences and forgotten them. And they thought these were part of a game played by Robert Otto.

Eventually, Robert Otto entered the University of Chicago, where he studied well and entered the League of New York Art Students to pursue further education. He then enrolled at the Sorbonne University in Paris to meet his future wife, Anne. He married her and returned to her home at 534 Eaton Street, Key West. Robert Otto called it the ‘artist’s house.’.

Robert, a doll, was still living in his own room in the upper house. However, since Robert Otto was now an adult, he did not carry the doll as he did. This left him permanently occupied with an upper floor of the house. You see this doll named Robert on the street.

After some time, a technician who came to repair the pipes heard the sound of a child laughing through the artist’s house. However, no one was in the house at the time. In search of this, he observes that the doll has shifted from side to side. He also stated that he saw the sporting goods on the doll’s lap suddenly slipping away. The doll is promoting a ‘throw it.’.

In the meantime, walkers on Eaton Street tried to cover up a doll named Robert. Because it was once seen by several people moving and changing their posture, others were worried that the doll would turn a blind eye to them.

Robert gets a new owner

Robert Otto died in 1974. Robert’s doll was still in his possession. He later bought the house where Otto lived, bought by a man named Myrtle Reuters. Along with this house she owned furniture and many other ornaments, including a doll named Robert.

Myrtle lived with the doll for 20 years, and in the 1980s, she took the doll to a new home. During this time, she also experienced the unusual behavior of the doll, which she eventually handed over to the East Martello Museum, claiming that it had supernatural power. However, the museum’s administrators disrespected her. But they did not put the Robert doll on display and kept it in a storage room.

The news that Robert had received the doll was so great that many people came to see it. Because of this, the staff had to put it on display immediately. Since then, no one has directly experienced an extraordinary incident. However, in 2019, 115 years after its creation, some say that they have encountered unusual events such as the failure of cameras near Robert’s doll and the failure of electronic devices.

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