Stars Dying before birth-Brown dwarfs

Stars Dying before birth-Brown dwarfs

Dwarf stars are basically stars that are small in size. Because compared to the other big stars, they look like beetles.

We have already said that when a star is created, the atmosphere around it is attracted to the star’s core, causing it to heat up and start nuclear reactions. But some stars don’t attract that much gas. Therefore, the amount of matter accumulated in these stars stops before it reaches the temperature required for nuclear reactions to begin. Then the star will not have nuclear reactions.They don’t collect any more gases. These stars are calling as brown dwarf stars.

The brown dwarfs are small in mass. Their mass is less than one-tenth the mass of our Sun. The brown dwarfs emit a very dull light and are difficult to observe. The radiation they emit is mostly infrared. This makes it very difficult to distinguish giant gaseous planets such as Jupiter and brown dwarfs.

Since 1995, astronomy has detected several brown dwarfs. All of the brown dwarfs found so far are part of a binary system. A binary system is a system in which two stars orbit each other (as planets in our solar system orbit our own star, the sun).

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