science Stars Dying before birth-Brown dwarfs

Stars Dying before birth-Brown dwarfs

Dwarf stars are basically stars that are small in size. Because compared to the other big stars, they look like beetles. We have already said that when a star is created, the atmosphere around it is attracted to the star’s core, causing it to heat up and start nuclear reactions. But some stars don’t attract …

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science what is a nebula?

what is a nebula?

Although the universe is a vast empty space, the matter can be found in space. A nebula is the largest cloud in the universe. These are made of gases and dust. Nebulas have the elements they need to make stars. A nebula is many light-years long. So a single nebula can give birth to many …

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News Earth’s magnetic field, and what if it disappears?

Earth’s magnetic field, and what if it disappears?

Surrounding the earth, the magnetic field created by its core is vital to life. It protects the earth from solar radiation, guides the navigator’s compass, and may have played an important role in the evolution of life on Earth. Scientists point out that its magnetism is gradually decreasing. What would happen if Earth’s magnetic field …

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