The cutest bear in the world-Panda

The cutest bear in the world-Panda

Considered a national treasure of China, the panda is a beloved species. This article will be very helpful for you to learn more about them.

The skin of a panda

Known as the scientific name Ailuropoda melanoleuca, pandas have black and white woolly. This helps them find companions in the forest and lurk among the trees. In general, they are all black and white but the color spread is different. They also have their own brown and white mixed species.

Is panda a bear?

For years, scientists have been wondering whether the panda is a species of a bear or a species of a raccoon. Examining the DNA of the pandas confirmed that they are some resemblance to the bears. Pandan’s outward appearance, walking, climbing trees, behavior, skull form, and reproduction are largely similar to bears.

Voice and Communication

Pandan’s voice usage is high compared to other bears. The peculiarity of their voice is that the “bleat” sound is more pronounced. This sound is similar to the sound emitted by lambs or goats. Scientists have identified 12 noises emitted by pandas.

Pandan also communicates in other ways. Both males and females have a glandular gland beneath their small tail. Wandering material secreted from the gland, pandas roam their pockets. Especially trees, rocks, shrubs. They are very sensitive to this smell and it is unique to each panda.

It also identifies other pandas, such as their gender, age, reproductive ability, and offspring.

Behavior and eating patterns

panda eating bamboo
panda eating bamboo

There are at least two bamboo species in the land suitable for pandas and water is an essential factor. They spend most of the day eating and sleeping. Bamboo is very important to pandas. They spend about 12 hours a day eating a significant portion of it because it is very nutritious.

The pseudo-thumb is especially useful for pandas, who are particularly sensitive to bamboo sticks. Pandas use their teeth to remove the outer rough part of the bamboo sticks and raise the soft part of the inside. Strong underarms and fleshy cheeks help them to eat the bamboo plant. In addition to bamboo sticks, pandas also eat bamboo foliage, which includes grasses, potatoes, fruits, some insects, and animal carcasses.

Pandas that live in the forest live alone and they walk in the forest only to find food. When two pandas meet, they scream, attack, and jump. may even bite.

Panda puppies

Panda puppies
Panda puppies

panda females breed only once or twice a year. They can have five babies in their lifetime. Their average gestation period is about 135 days and at birth, the panda cubs are very small. Their weight is between 85-142 grams.

A newborn panda is about 800 times as small as its mother, and the panda mothers are very good caregivers. The mother does not go out of the cave for food until a few days after the baby is born.

Panda pups open their eyes when they are 50 to 60 days old. By the 10th week, the calf will begin to crawl. Their teeth are visible in the 14th week. By the 21st week, the calf will be able to walk well. At this point, the calf starts playing with the panda mother. Between 7 and 9 months, they begin to eat bamboo. By the time the baby is 18 months old, it will be able to live independently and will remain with the mother panda until then.

The life span of a panda

Pandavas live in the forest for 14-20 years and live for 30 years in a shelter. Females mature at 4-5 years and males at 6-7 years of age. The panda is about 1.5 meters long and about 70-80 centimeters tall. The average weight of a female pig is between 70-100kg. A male pig weighs between 86 and 125 pounds.

Pandas mow about 50 times a day. They are a curious species, and they love to play. A female panda may be pregnant with two cubs but often give birth to only one. The other fetus is absorbed by the body of the mother panda. 

Threats and Conservation status

China has a population of over a billion and the destruction of houses, lanes, cities, and the excessive use of natural resources has caused the destruction. As a result, from 1974 to 1985, Pandan’s habitation was reduced by half. Lack of a suitable cave exposes the panda cubs to the cold and can cause various diseases and animals. Lack of proper habitat and a shortage of food were the main reasons for the pandas’ extinction.

Steps were taken for conservation

There are currently about 1600 pandas worldwide. Until 2016, they were classified as endangered species, but now they have become a vulnerable species. This is a victory for all those who work hard to protect the pandas.

In 1957, China started saving pandas. In 1989, China’s Wildlife Ministry and the World Wildlife Fund launched a program to protect pandas and their habitats. Besides, various programs have been launched around the world to protect pandas.

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