Will China’s new corona virus devour the world?

Will China’s new corona virus devour the world?

A new coronavirus is spreading in China. Chinese health officials state that nearly 10 people have already died as a result. The outbreak began last December in Wuhan, China. The onset of lung infections is a major symptom of people who have contracted the new virus. It is also said that patients with pneumonia can develop it very quickly.

The new coronavirus does not appear to be infectious from one man to another on the first day. However, the World Health Organization says that information is insufficient to draw definitive conclusions about how the disease is transmitted. But then it was reported that the virus is a virus that can spread from one person to another. With that confirmation, scientists say the new coronavirus could be even more dangerous.

New coronavirus virus from Wuhan, China

new coronavirus-china
new coronavirus-china

The outbreak of the virus is believed to have started on December 12, 2019, with the main reason being China’s Wuhan. It has been revealed that the virus is a new virus belonging to the family Coronavirus and has not yet been discovered.

Statistics show that at least 17 people have died from the virus. The report says that there are about 440 people infected with the virus, but the number of cases not reported in China exceeds one thousand. The new virus has spread to Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen.

Thailand, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are also keeping a close watch on the new virus. Also, the US is very concerned about it. Two patients were reported from Thailand, one from Japan and another from South Korea. It was the result of a visit by people from the Wuhan area of ​​China.

Authorities have also decided not to open Wuhan, China, for tourists to celebrate the new lunar year. Authorities say the spread of the virus is one of the main reasons for the spread of the virus, which has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors this month.

Will the world be frightened, like the sars coronavirus?

Six viruses of the coronavirus family are infected by humans, and the new coronavirus can be named the seventh. Severe acute respiratory syndrome, which has previously terrified the world, has also been recorded as a powerful epidemic of coronavirus. It infects 8098 people worldwide, of whom 775 died. It originated in China in 2002.

Then, around 2012, the Middle East-based Mers – Middle East respiratory syndrome virus hit the number of people with more than 2,500 cases, more than 800 of them.

Both of the aforementioned coronaviruses are mammals. Until now, the virus that caused the new virus has not been discovered. Scientists say that the discovery of the animal has become an essential part of treatment.

present situation

The Chinese government has begun prompt treatment for patients who have contracted the new coronavirus. They try to control the spread by treating patients separately.

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