Black Hole – The Great Mystery of Space

Black Hole – The Great Mystery of Space

Scientists believe that at some point in space, gravity is so powerful that everything that comes near it, like a vacuum cleaner, sucks or swallows any substance. Maybe a star, a comet, a planet or an air cloud. No matter how large they are, there is no question about their size. Even the earth and the entire solar system we live on are not going to swallow. These mysterious places are called black holes. These are not visible. They absorb and swallow whatever light they can catch. That light cannot shine afterward. When swallowing, its mass shrinks. The density becomes infinite and disappears forever. These are called black holes because they absorb the light coming from them with such strong gravity.

Gravity in a black hole is so powerful that it affects time and space. Time is slow, space is compressed. Therefore, this situation is considered unique in space.

The scientist who first named the black holes

These places as the black holes, first called by American physicist John Wheeler. That was in 1967 when he gave a lecture entitled ‘The Universe that we known and Unknown’. The name “Black Hole” became more interesting than the name Frozen Stars and the Dark Places what used in old times.

It is because of the light, as you all know, that we see something. We see the object because it reflects light. Similarly, we see objects that are illuminated. Both of these things don’t happen in the black hole. The light is swallowed up by black holes so that it does not spread or reflect. So how do you know the universe has these? how do you see? The light goes twisted on where this black hole is. And the gravitational effects of it affect the nearby planets.

 How black holes are made

1939 by two American physicists, J.J. Robert Oppenheimer and Hartland S. Snyder has revealed that stars much larger than the Sun can shrink. A star stays the same for its entire life because of the balance of forces acting on it. 

We know that all the stars around us are made of hydrogen

.The heat generated by the burning fuel in a star causes the star to expand and gravitational causes to pull it back. If this is a big star (we know there are millions of time massive stars than the sun), the helium atoms in it will form big atoms, and they will become further into the atoms of iron. As hydrogen continues to helium, the power of radiation generated by nuclear fusion decreases. The force of gravity increases. Because it is deposited in the iron core.

So, because of this gravitational pull, the star will begin to compress very quickly. So the next thing depends on how big a star this is.

If this is too big, after the explosion, all the masses will come together and create a singularity or it will create a neutron star.

They have proven inevitable that a star such as the Sun will lose 3.2 times as much. Often the biggest stars that can be destroyed in this way are the black holes.

Scientists believe there may be more than 100 million black holes in the galaxy in which our galaxy is located. In 1990, a massive radio telescope based in New Mexico discovered that there were massive explosions in the middle of the Milky Way. In that image, scientists believe that in the Milky Way may be a black hole that is four million times as massive as our Sun. And now it has proven.

What is the gravity

Isaac Newton said that gravity is a force acting on the center of gravity of a mass. But according to general relativity, after Einstein showed that space can be twisted and curved, Einstein says that gravity is a curve in time and space. As Einstein says, if there is any mass in space, space becomes a curve. That’s how a gravitational field is formed.

How powerfull is a black hole(why light cant escape from it?)

We learn in gravitational fields that the escape velocity is. This means escape velocity is the minimum velocity required for an object to escape from the gravity of a planet. So as the mass of the planet increases, this escape velocity increases. For example, on Jupiter, we need to accelerate faster than we would on Earth if we were to escape gravity. For example, on Jupiter, we need to accelerate faster than we would on Earth if we were to escape gravity.

So if the mass of the planet is increased, then this velocity will be increased, and perhaps in the presence of a huge mass, this will increase than the velocity of light.

 Event horizon

Imagine if we could just go by the speed of light. The only limit that can come back is the event horizon. Going out there means no more (for now). Suppose we threw something at a black hole. Then, because of the black hole’s gravity, this will continue to accelerate. So at one point accelerating it, this also accelerates than the velocity of light. That limit is the Event horizon.

are black holes and wormholes the same?


Some people believe that Black Hole is one of the mouths of the worm Hole. Worm Hole is a bridge that connects the universe from one place to another. It is a kind of shortcut. Time travel can be done through this. So, according to Einstein, the Black Hole is one side and the White Hole the other.

What is a white hole

white hole
white hole

There is no evidence to prove that White Hole is a real, But White Hole has proved by maths. White Hole is like the other side of a black hole. You only can go inside a black hole. You can’t go in a white hole.

Hawking Radiation

The birth, living, and death is a common theory for all. Black Hollow was born and died like that. The difference is that this takes a lot of time. Steve Hawkins, the father of science, says this recently. According to him, even in a vacuum, anywhere in the universe, two particles can form as negative and positive.

These two particles have negative and positive strength or mass. These two parties are formed together and + – are undone. Imagine two such particles near Event Horizon. Then one particle can move through the black hole and the other out.

if the negative particle goes, that means – energy or mass is added to the Black Hole. Then this black hole energy will be decreased. Black Hole could be lost if it continues like this. It would take trillions of years. that particle that escapes from the black holes calling Hawkins Radiation.

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