Giants of the sea-Whales

Giants of the sea-Whales

Whales have been known to exist for millions of years. Their closest relatives are the hippopotamus, which lived about 40 million years ago. The Blue Whale, the largest member of the whale family, is the largest living animal on earth.

Mammals, whales, have evolved and adapted to marine life for millions of years.

A torpedo-shaped body, ankle-like limbs, and a horizontal upward-moving tail help them to move faster in water.

Whales can dive deep into the ocean and stay underwater for a while. But you have to come to the surface from time to time for breathing. Whale breathing air, which means the exhaled breath, comes from a unique structure called the blowhole.

The humpback whale, can dive up to 220 meters deep and stay underwater for about 45 minutesA sperm whale can dive as deep as 1100 meters and stay underwater for nearly an hour.

Whales fall into two categories.

1: – Baleen (Mysticeti)

2: – Toothed (Odontoceti)

Balleen whale type

Balleen species include the blue whale, fin whale, mink whale, sei whale, and grey whale.

Baleen whales have a big body. Although large, they eat only plankton and shrimp. Some whales eat 2-4 tons a day.

Eating System

The mouth closes the mouth with a large water load with food. The water is then pumped out through a layer of like fiber (baleen sheets) on the sides of the mouth.

Toothed whale

The toothed whale is not only a whale but also a dolphin. The largest of these is the whale known as the “sperm whale.”

Whales stray or become ill, sometimes reaching the shallows. When that happens, the lower part of the body hits the sand. The body’s weight then causes the internal organs, including the lungs, to die. This is not so in the deep sea because the waters carry the full weight of their bodies.

Whales, like dolphins, use resonance or echo as a way of swimming and finding food.

Whales have been slaughtered extensively to make lubricants for machinery, blubber for whales, and for making perfumes. As a result, organizations like the IUCN have enacted legislation to protect them from extinction.

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