Six of most powerful biting animals in the world

Six of most powerful biting animals in the world

Measuring the biting power of an animal is not easy. For this purpose, it is more accurate to obtain data from the electrodes attached to the teeth of each species, but it is not practical. The most effective way to do this is to use a simulator, which is slightly less accurate.

Thus, the biting power of many animals in the world has been calculated. This calculated as the “pound per square inch” (PSI). The following are six of the world’s most powerful bites:

5.Spotted hyena-1000 PSI

spotted hyena

The biting power of spotted hyenas in Africa is about 1,000 pounds per square inch. That’s four times as strong as the average human. The hyenas are considered a fierce animal, and they can easily crush the bones of their prey.

Gorilla – 1000 PSI


Gorillas make the most powerful bites of apes. They have this ability to eat hard, barky fruits with ease. Also, they take advantage of this bite when fighting rivals. There is some debate about the effectiveness of their biting, which is estimated to be between 500 and 1,500 pounds per square inch. Thus, the average value is 1000 pounds per inch.

Polar Bear – 1200 PSI

Polar bears make the most powerful bites of bears. This type of animal bites about 1200 pounds per inch. This bite is five times as strong as the bite of an ordinary man. As a result, they can easily break even the hard-bodied fish. Many animals in the Arctic Circle have thick fur or feather, which helps polar bears in their prey.

  Jaguar – 1500 PSI

The Jaguar is considered to be the most powerful biting creature of the cat family. The biting power of an animal is estimated to be 1500 pounds per square inch. This bite can easily crush a victim’s skull. The muscles of the jaws are so strong that they can easily carry prey weighing up to 200 pounds and reaching the tops of the toes.


Hippo is considered to be the second most powerful biting creature in the world. They can open their mouth at an angle of 180 degrees. Once provocative but provocative, they become a fierce animal, like lions and tigers. They can split a man with one bite. Their spacing strength is about 2000 pounds per square inch.

However, hippopotamus animals are vegetarians and have been given the position to fight and reproduce during the reproductive period.

Saltwater crocodile-4000 PSI

The saltwater crocodile, which lives in North Africa, is one of the most powerful biting creatures in the world today. Their bite power is 4,000 pounds per square inch. This bite can easily catch a zebra or antelope. However, the muscles that control their mouths are not strong. Therefore, if it is tied up with a rope before it is opened, the animal cannot open its mouth.

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