What is this “Keto Diet”?

What is this “Keto Diet”?

Overweight and obesity are a problem that many people face these days. Keto Diet is the best solution for it.

overweight and obesity are the minimum ones to consider in terms of health and body shape. This is why various methods of reducing obesity and overweight are coming up from time to time. Alternative diets are one such popular way. In other words, it is eating a pattern different from the way they are used to.
This is a reduction in the number of carbohydrates (such as rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, bread) in the diet. This is because the extra energy that carbohydrates have in the body is deposited in the body as fat and creates obesity and overweight . Based on this trait, alternative foods are named after different foods. Low carbohydrate diet, very low carbohydrate diet, high protein diet, high fat diet, and ketogenic (keto) diet.

The metabolism of the body

To make this story more clear, we need to understand the metabolism of the body. We need the energy to carry out many things in the body (from getting nutrients into a cell to making body movements). The body uses several energy sources to get this energy. This is because relying solely on one source of energy is not safe (metabolism stops if you lose that energy source). Glucose, fatty acids, and ketone bodies are the energy sources our body uses. Many people know that glucose is obtained by carbohydrate digestion. Also, fatty acids and ketone bodies come from lipids or fats.

The body uses glucose as its primary source of energy. But when your body’s glucose is low, you can start using other sources of energy (this has been tested for a long time). This is the theory underlying all alternative diets. The argument here is that if you reduce the amount of glucose in your diet, the body will start using other sources of energy.
Simply put, the cells that used glucose to gain energy for the first time gain energy from fatty acids or ketones. It should be noted here that glucose is essential for some of the cells in our body (red blood cells, eyes, and kidney cells). This transformation does not take place in those cells. So the body needs a certain amount of glucose to survive.

How to lose weight from Keto Diet

What is this "Keto Diet"?

Earlier it was explained that carbohydrates and fats are the sources of energy that provide the body with the daily energy it needs. There are two ways to get this carbohydrate and fat. One is from food. The other way is through the reserves stored in the body. When the energy of the food is not sufficient for daily activities, the body uses it as pre-stored reserve food. Also, if the food is more energy than the daily requirement, the body will act as a source of energy when the food is scarce.

So, if a person who has been subjected to a diet low in carbohydrates and converted the primary energy source into fatty acids or ketone bodies, eats less than the daily requirement, and the body’s reserves of fat digest and produce fatty acids and ketones.

If this process continues, that means the primary source of energy is converted into acids and ketones, and if you consume less energy than you need daily, the fat reserves that create excess and obesity will start to decay. Simply put, losing weight.

Ketogenesis is the process by which the body reserves fat and produces fatty acids and ketone bodies. Foods that increase ketogenesis are called the Ketogenic Diet. The term “ketogenic diet” is simply referred to as the keto diet.

requirements to be a keto diet

Two requirements must be fulfilled for a meal to be a keto diet.

First, you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrate in the diet (5% to 10% of your total energy, or 20 to 50 grams per day).

Next, the amount of energy in a meal (measured by the calorie unit used to measure this) should be lower than the person’s diet.

Scientific studies have been conducted on the good, bad, and long-term effects of the keto diet. And there are still studies being done. I will provide further details in this regard.

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